Waiting period



I’m Shelby Glasser, 17, hardware store counter bitch, mediocre high school student, soon to be SUNY Oneonta freshmen, cute plus-sized clothing hunter, and unskilled wannabe makeup artist. I tend to be overly sarcastic and offensive (advanced warning)  and I really don’t do anything interesting with my life, (which is probably why I’m sitting here trying to start a blog).

As I sit and type this, I think of the billion other things I should probably be doing right now, like cleaning my room (with the never ending piles of clothes and towels) finishing planting the flower garden, starting any of the end of the year papers I have been assigned, or start working out (which I continually promise myself I’m going to start doing tomorrow). Ah well there is always tomorrow.

The real reason I can’t really seem to do anything because it all seems so pointless, (don’t worry this will not be a tumblr-esque blog that reminds everyone of hot-topic and depressing grunge music) I’m graduating in 33 days, and will be going the university of Oneonta (but whose counting?) and I’m being forced to write a 10 page chic-lit story, and sit in a French class and translate old adages. I’ve been accepted to college, I’ve run my end of the year mile in gym class, which was the only thing that could have prevented me from graduating (gotta love New York State education requirements), so I’m finding it a little difficult to sit in class every day and listen to bullshit, especially when I could be working.

I hope I will be able to keep up with this blog, I always start things like this and expect myself to actually keep up with them, which rarely happens (at least I am honest about myself) but I’m going to try. This blog will probably be random rants on things that are bothering at the moment (which there always something bothering me) clothing I’ve recently picked up, makeup I’m trying, or books that I have read.

Hugs and all that good stuff


***Fun fact: you can play peak-a-boo with a a sloth***


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