Graduation and Life transitions

Shelby and Ali graduation

   Today i graduated from High School, which isn’t all that surprising. I always knew that it was going to happen, no matter how worrying my grades were getting in the last semester. I sat in the convention center surrounded by my classmates and realized it wasn’t all that sad. Yes I would no longer see the majority of these people again in close contact, but do I want to? I have always loved people and talking to them, but as a walked around my classmates I realized that I didn’t feel a desperate need to capture the moment with them, because I knew that the people that would really matter in 30 years, would never really leave me. My closest friends from highschool, I already have a 101 pictures with, we hang out at least once a week, and I have faith that we will at least keep contact with each other. I’m not naive enough to believe that we will all remain best friends for life, because a part of moving on in life is not only remembering our past but leaving our future open for new people and relationships. 

College is probably the biggest transition I’m going to face. I was born and raised in this small town, where everyone knew me just based on my last name from either my fathers extremely large family, or my mother who everyone knows from the local school bored. We don’t leave the town often, I have only been to the beach in America once, and the only times I’ve been out of the Northeast was to take two class trips to France and Italy.  I love my family and I love my hometown, but I’m extremely excited to move on and take this new chapter of my life, where I can make my own reputation without getting recognized by my last name, and I’m looking forward to exploring a whole new world. As corny as that sounds. 

I will never forget where I came from, but I’m looking forward to what the future can bring. 

Love always 




2 thoughts on “Graduation and Life transitions

  1. I graduated in 2012, but I had the exact same feelings towards graduating. I didn’t attend the ceremony but on the last day of school I felt incredibly indifferent. I wasn’t sad in any regard but was afraid of leaving the safety net that is HS and having to emerge into the real world. But, I was extremely excited to be leaving that environment. I did not have a pleasant experience in HS, so i’m sure that has shaped my attitude towards leaving it all behind. I am now in college and am just now beginning to get to know myself. I too am from a small town, an haven’t had the opportunity to leave yet, but next year I plan on transferring. I am so excited to be in this stage of my life where I can finally figure out who it is that I am and begin to experience life. I truly think that you are going to enjoy it. This should be the best time in our lives and I hope you have an incredible summer. Congratulations on graduating and I hope you make an easy transition into college. 🙂

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